Elvis: Something For Everybody FTD 4CD Set


Elvis: Something For Everybody FTD 4CD Set – November Release

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SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY SESSIONS including THE WILD IN THE COUNTRY SESSIONS. REMIXED and REMASTERED UNRLELEASED STUDIO OUTTAKES. 7” deluxe 2-CD package features a 28-page booklet.  DISC 1:  I Feel So Bad (single A-Side)   SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY – THE ALBUM: There’s Always Me, Give Me The Right, It’s A Sin, Sentimental Me, Starting Today, Gently, I’m Comin’ Home, In Your Arms, Put The Blame On Me, Judy, Want You With Me, I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell  WILD IN THE COUNTRY – THE MASTERS  (December 1960 stereo mixes) Lonely Man (single B-Side) Wild In The Country (single B-Side), In My Way, Forget Me Never, I slipped I stumbled I Fell, MARCH 1961 SESSIONS, I’m Comin’ Home takes 1-7. Gently 1 – 5,  In Your Arms, Give Me The Right 1–4 DISC 2 MARCH 61: I Feel So Bad 1-2 It’s A Sin 1-4. I Want You with Me rehearsal plus 1 – 2, There’s Always Me 1-10,  Starting Today 1 -3, Sentimental Me 1-2) Judy 1-8, Put The Blame on Me 1-5). DISC 3 WILD IN THE COUNTRY SESSIONS 1 – 17,I My Way 1-8 DISC 4: Wild In The Country 1 – 19, Forget Me Never 1 – 3, I shipped I Stumbled I Fell 1 – 18